TWIGA Disdro Network: How is it going in Kenya

My last blog was on how we developed Kenya’s disdro network, how the sensors work and how we transmit its data. The network with the new generation of the disdro sensors has now been running continuously for 6 months. We are now shifting focus on keeping the network active and, more importantly, share and display […]

Disdro in Kenya – Rain Listening Sensors

In Narok, Kenya there is a unique network of rain sensors on the experiment. We call it the  Disdro Network – a network of acoustic devices that measures the distribution and intensity of rainfall. In December 2020, 10 Disdros were installed on an area spanning 1700km2. A few more are scheduled for installation in early […]


TWIGA acknowledges the important role of vegetation in the hydrological cycle. The vegetation monitoring is being done to monitor growth in the rainy and the dry seasons using an Open Data Kit (ODK) App (VegMon). This therefore entails citizen science – collecting data and analyzing it with farmers and teachers to support agriculture. Selected participants, […]