Transforming Agricultural Insurance in Africa Using Climate Data.

@iLabAfrica, a research and innovation center at Strathmore University held a breakfast forum on May 2nd,2019 themed: Transforming Agricultural Insurance in Africa using Climate Data at the Strathmore Business School. The forum was a platform to discuss and provide insights on effective implementation of products that are key in reducing farmers’ vulnerability to weather extremes. […]

Flood Mapping: Case of Narok County, Kenya

Floods, described as the overflow of water in a particular region that is normally dry due to heavy rainfall or other weather-related events by Doswell III. 94% of all hazard-related economic damages are caused by floods, thus providing an incentive to look into it. Narok county, specifically Narok town is a town that is located […]


Embracing current and emergent technologies has never been enough in resolving local challenges within our communities. Most often than not, the traditional-silo-kind-of-operation and solution development has proven non-essential in providing a concrete resolve to a given problem. Collaborative approaches however with related models and persons have resulted in refined solutions and more informed techniques of […]