Embracing current and emergent technologies has never been enough in resolving local challenges within our communities. Most often than not, the traditional-silo-kind-of-operation and solution development has proven non-essential in providing a concrete resolve to a given problem. Collaborative approaches however with related models and persons have resulted in refined solutions and more informed techniques of tackling arising challenges in a given society.

This value is set to be realized within the TWIGA ecosystem over the next few months after the successful integration of the TWIGA platform to the Netherlands-based HydroNET platform.  HydroNET developed by HydroLogic, has since 2005 empowered water professionals in making informed decisions for the smart management of coastal, fluvial or pluvial floods. Before, during and after flood events.

Given the extent of experience of the partnership, what it will essentially mean will be access to more refined, compared and evaluated data for the respective entities at the consumer end of the project.

The development effort ensured the successful development and linkage of a powerful API (Application Programming Interface) that consumes data through an end point from both platforms allowing access to key resources from either end. The expected output would be an enhancement in the predictability models created in relation to flood early warning systems and flood mapping strategies in the respective test sites.

An additional advantage with the integration would be access to enriched flood and weather data from renown and existing personalized data systems, flood models, data providers and data sources.   

Written By: Joseph Shitote & Sharon Anyanga

Strathmore University- iLabAfrica