How hot is the soil?

The Surface Energy Budget While the sun is beating down on the Earth’s surface, it is generating fluxes of energy that play an important role in determining our weather and climate. In a way, it functions as a gigantic solar panel that absorbs solar radiation. The absorbed energy can be either emitted back to the […]

Getting location right: from meter to cm positioning accuracy

Prototyping a low-cost continuous GNSS monitoring network for positioning and atmospheric purposes in Ghana Imagine you bought a plot of land and need to map the exact boundaries. However, your positioning device (often referred to as GPS) can only measure up to several meters of accuracy unless you rent a very expensive positioning instrument. This […]

Field work alternatives during COVID 19

Towards the end of 2019, a good number of students at TU Delft were eager to travel to Africa for TWIGA field work in what we call Q4 (4th quarter, April-June). Unfortunately, as we all know, COVID-19 intervened and made travel all but impossible until now. We had to come up with alternatives to pursue […]