Connecting TWIGA to the GEOSS initiative

Climate and weather, with a high degree of spatial and temporal variability, can adversely affect crop yields, cattle production, and the availability of freshwater. The production of food is at the forefront of climate change and population growth impacts as the ecosystems on which it relies are increasingly degraded and the availability of suitable land […]

Transboundary Water Management made easier using the TWIGA platform

Currently, only around 58% of Africans have access to safe drinking water. More than 90% of African fresh water is contained within 63 internationally shared basins. The current fresh water distribution in Africa is expected to change rapidly due to climatic- and socio-economic drivers (IPCC, 2014). In order to guarantee access to fresh water for […]

The power of the TWIGA partnership

Within the TWIGA project a broad variety of partners from Europa and Africa are involved. The TWIGA team has applied the award winning HydroNET partnership model where the strength of each partner in the information chain can be optimally used. This blog, written by one of the TWIGA partners HydroLogic Research, outlines the opportunities and […]