Hi, Welcome. This is TWIGA

Transforming Water, weather, and climate information through In Situ observations for Geo-services in Africa.

Our Story...

TWIGA is a 4-year project (2018 – 2021) under EU Horizon2020 aimed to transform weather water data into value-added information services.

We aimed to provide currently unavailable geo-information on weather, water, and climate for sub-Saharan Africa by enhancing satellite-based geo-data with innovative in-situ sensors and developing related information services that answer the needs of African stakeholders and the GEOSS community.

Our Research

see the final public deliverables of the project to find out the outstanding outcomes we’ve achieved.

The TWIGA Platform

The TWIGA platform is the central platform through which many of the data and services are flowing. Users can access the data through a comprehensive API or via the TWIGA portal. The portal is a web-based interface through which registered users can see and interact with the data.

Experienced users can create their own custom dashboards completely tailored to their own needs. However, in many cases, dashboards will be prepared and shared to new users, such that new users can directly interact with the data without needing detailed knowledge.

Our Partners

Here are our awesome partners that contributed to the success of the project