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The objective of TWIGA is to provide currently unavailable geo-information on weather, water, and climate for sub-Saharan Africa by enhancing satellite-based geo-data with innovative in situ sensors and developing related information services that answer the needs of African stakeholders and the GEOSS community.

The concept is to create a systematic feedback loop to reciprocally validate in situ measurements and satellite data in one integrated model with over 500 in situ measurement stations using citizen science.

Accessing the TWIGA Platform

Step 1:

you need to register with your e-mail, using this link:

Step 2:

After you have registered you can already log in to the portal, but you will not be able to see any data. We first need to assign you to the TWIGA group, only once this is done will you be able to view the TWIGA data. After we have assigned your account to the group you can login to the portal using the following url:

If you have created an account you will have all the tools to make new dashboards. However, if you only want to view some pre-configured dashboards, you can use the following view-only account:


Password: VCzwi5gjH!LUvufi

Video Description

Phyton Notebook

Here are a  few screenshots of a python notebook which uses the TWIGA API.  

These are arranged sequentially. Kindly click on the images to see a clearer versions.