The Crop Insurance Service is part of the Transforming Water, Weather, and Climate Information through In Situ observations for Geo-Services in AFRICA (TWIGA) a collaborative project under the EU H2020 (Greening the Economy).

This service is implemented by the Ghana Agricultural Insurance Pool (GAIP) which is mandated to provide agricultural insurance in Ghana since 2011. The crop insurance service utilizes soil moisture conditions for pay-outs instead of only rainfall (this will include yield and germination insurance). The soil moisture is determined using satellites, soil moisture probes and DTS (distributed temperature sensing) in 2 pilot locations (Districts) in Northern Ghana. The service also uses the crop model (e.g. DSSAT, Aqua-crop) as a way of tailoring the service to particular conditions (e.g. soil type, crop type). This facilitates the down scaling of soil moisture data from satellites, interpolating DTS measurements in the vertical direction, and provides a way to identify crop-specific thresholds on which to base the insurance index.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program under grant agreement No.776691.

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