Within TWIGA we work closely with local communities and farmers for which we aim to provide data and model output (information) that can assist them for farming or marketing. Training new farmers and launching our VegMon App in more countries is currently challenging. Yet, with the help of our test users and farmers in Ghana […]

Farmers see where the satellite is blind

Satellite data for West Africa is still struggling with local climate and farming practices. Despite the increasing data frequency, the rainy season in West Africa features such a dense cloud cover that many satellites cannot provide cloud free images. In addition, many farmers practice intercropping which means that a single plot can be used to […]

How many ground observations should we aim at?

TWIGA focuses on the combination of remote sensing data and ground-based observations to run models and develop products. The quality and amount of ground-based observations determine the accuracy of data that is used for satellite calibration and modeling, such as crop models. Maintaining monitoring networks requires high resources, thus it is important to assess where […]