InfoSequia is now part of the TWIGA portal, a platform that brings together multiple geoclimatic services in Africa

InfoSequia is the Drought Early Warning and Forecasting System developed by FutureWater to support the decision-making and risk management of drought impacts. InfoSequia rests on an advanced cloud computing and geoprocessing architecture able to effectively integrate large volumes of data from satellite, reanalysis, and ground-observation networks, with machine learning techniques to generate local-tailored seasonal outlooks of drought risk failures at the river basin and agricultural district levels.

InfoSequia <More Info> has been recently and effectively integrated into the TWIGA geoportal <See Here>, a platform that offers to African users the possibility of accessing data from ground-observation networks, and climate or agro- services with monitoring and forecasting capabilities. The new and enhanced InfoSequia’s indices and products are operationally delivered for the Inkomati River Basin, a transboundary basin that extends through South Africa, Eswatini, and Mozambique. This lite service includes a full suite of 3 dekad-based (10-days) meteorological drought indices and 3 dekad-based vegetative health indices, all of them timescale aggregated at 1, 3, 6, and 12 months, and updated every month. The service is easily scalable and user-tailored to other regions of Africa upon request and agreement with FutureWater. Thanks to the advanced front-end capabilities of the TWIGA portal, users can easily access InfoSequia data and incorporate them into dashboards specifically set up according to their information needs.

Access to the promotional video of InfoSequia in Africa is HERE

Author: Sergio Contreras, FutureWater